Do You Feel Guided?

"full moon eclipse in sagittarius"

If you don’t, you probably will if you ingest a steady diet of New Age gurus 😉

But seriously, I have huge admiration for both Doreen Virtue and Louise Hay. Been listening to them both lately and getting inspired. And feeling guided.

Feeling guided is a fairly safe way to feel your Neptune.

How easy it is to say to someone “have faith!” Or to say to yourself “have faith!”

The question becomes FAITH IN WHAT?

Faith that you are guided. You’re not alone out here. There is purpose and meaning to your life — even if (especially when) you can’t see it, feel it, find it.

Find a guide who at heart only has the purpose of your getting lost (paraphrasing Robert Frost)


So if you are feeling rudderless, I am offering you this paradoxical advice: jump in the waters of Neptune and swim. And youtube is this most amazing resource, so many recordings and videos of our great spiritual teachers, past and present. It’s also a cure for insomnia, if you struggle with that 😉

Love, MP

Yes I will be doing Mini-Moon Readings for the Full Moon in Sagittarius (Eclipse!) 

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