Do You Dowse?

"saturn in scorpio"I feel like I have a pendulum inside me. Sometimes!

I’ve never used a pendulum, but I do ask myself yes/no questions from time to time and feel like I can feel the answer, without Tarot cards or any other psychic “tool” and I just did this now for myself, impromptu.

Will such and such happen? And my conscious mind was thinking nah….. but then the truth came out. The truth was resisting my conscious NO.

And making predictions is an interesting thing for a Reader.

Some astrology/tarot/psychic readers refuse to do it outright. It’s tricky. Readers aren’t Gods. They are fallible. We want to do a good job! And I know I’ve gotten some things right and probably others wrong. I only know when people tell me.

And then there’s the matter of seeing something and having the confidence to SAY IT.

Also sometimes the mood or energy of the client will affect the reading. I’ll be picking up on their vibration in addition to the answer so I’ll get two streams 1. the client’s worry and 2. the truth.

That said, I like making predictions and I try to, when asked, using the chart and the cards and my own little magic 🙂

Do your predictions come true? 



Yes I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the upcoming Eclipses as well as my usual longer Readings.

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