Do You Download? Moon In Aquarius

I experienced today what I would call a “psychic migraine.”

Now I rarely get headaches, least of all migraines. What I got was tired. And I’m beginning to learn this is more than Cancer-Sun-needs-a-nap tired. This is something else. I’ve been to the doctor. I’m not sick. My blood work was great. Sure, when I don’t sleep enough, I need to sleep more but listen: I do psychic work for people, whether it’s Tarot or charts, it’s energy work. I tune-in and I realized today, as I turned in for a nap (a really great nap) that I was downloading.

I don’t know whose. I don’t know whats. Maybe I was merely downloading rest πŸ™‚ and recovery but honestly I believe it was more than that and I bet some of you sensitives reading this know the feeling. Aquarius is my 6th House: the body!

The Moon is in Aquarius as I type this and Aquarius is ruled by intuitive live-wire Uranus. Some of us may need a nap. Others may feel awake.

But think about that combination for a moment: Aquarius = the alien. Moon = home. This could signify a foreign body in your body-home or just a little extra inspiration on a Sunday morning.




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