Do You Blog About Your Life?

"mars in virgo 2011"
if Sylvia Plath, Scorpio, were alive today, would she be blogging???

I haven’t been writing about my life so much lately, and I think this is because there’s not much going on. Well, there are shifts but they are more internal, behind the scenes: very Scorpio Season, right? It could also be because I am BORING.

And there’s just not much going on except for my flea drama which affected my work schedule this week.  Saturn transits, it seems, bring me bugs. The last I had a gnawing visit from Saturn, I had a different bug problem.

So lately I’ve been thinking more about using the energy of the seasons and the planets and focusing on other people’s lives and less on my own (a result of doing readings).

I have a feeling though that Mars’ long stay in Virgo, my 1st House, will bring it on home again as Virgo squares Sagittarius, my 4th House.

I love this time of year. It gets dark. It gets quiet. We go inside. We go deep deep inside.  

It’s really important y’all to find that Virgo/Pisces axis in your chart as this axis will be the background and possibly the foreground to your life for a few months.

Now I think it is always fun when one of the faster moving planets takes center stage, takes some attention away from the gloomy outers.

It’s as though the problem(s) become acute and thus solveable and Mars makes you act so the issues that will come up…. will you need to solve them? Mars Direct. Or wait. Mars Retrograde. Maybe both! These two forms of Mars in Virgo energy will be available to you.

Mars in Virgo is the thinking man’s warrior.

Is your Mars compatible with Mars in Virgo? 

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