Do It In The Dark: New Moon In Libra, October 4th

The New Moon in Libra will be at 11 degrees.

Do you have anything at or around 11 degrees? Give or take 3 or 4 in either direction.

Widen your orbs. Tell us what you find.

Look in Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Libra (the Cardinal signs). Other signs matter too but look for those first.

New Moon = Sun in Libra conjunct Moon in Libra. Sun and Moon together. You and your feelings. Body and soul.

Together, they will square Pluto. They will oppose Uranus. Rocky Road ice cream all the way ๐Ÿ™‚ You want justice? You want peace? Yeah, good luck with that ๐Ÿ˜‰ T-squares makes us feel nuts.

Also, on this day, a Saturn Uranus inconjunct.ย 

And here’s a question: why so many tests? Why are we tested and tested and tested and tested. Just to prove… what? How strong we are? How strong we have to be? I don’t get it. We are being tested to the limit. Are you feeling this?

I don’t mean to write a New Moon downer post. I think there’s hope here. New Moon is a beginning. Brand new. CLEAN. No gunk. No rotten. No leftover. CLEAN OUT YOUR… (insert object-name that needs cleaning here).

Now about that Saturn Uranus thingie. Don’t you worry your pretty little head about aspect names and all that.

But keep this in mind: Saturn builds. Uranus breaks. You won’t know what to do. You kinda… want to do both. Build. And break. Break. And build.

But…. HOW? How is this possible, MoonPluto?ย 

A little of this? A little of that? No way. This isn’t cooperation-opposition-finding balance ‘n shit.

This is breaking down to build up.ย Don’t let the Uranus Pluto square shock (Uranus) you to death (Pluto).

Instead, OPEN YOUR EYES. You are being tested. Stay present. Open your eyes. YOU CAN DO THIS. THIS IS EASY FOR YOU. Tell yourself this until you believe it for half a half a half a half a half a half a second.

Setting intentions: the New Moon is the dark time so… do it in the dark.

Do a dark ritual, very dark. By candlelight or no light at all.

What do you see?ย 

Love, MP


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