DIY Tarot And The Forgiveness Oracle

"full moon in scorpio"

I gave myself a Tarot reading today and before I sat down at my desk to do it, I had a plan and I was asking yes or no questions mostly.

Tricky, right?

And my plan was broad: positive card means yes. Negative card means no. Almost like Tarot as pendulum. And I was going to assign meanings as I saw fit.

In terms of timing and if I received a Knight, all Knights would mean “soon” but Knight of Pentacles a bit slower, even slower than the Knight of Cups.

8 of Wands or other cards of movement (which I would know once I saw them) would also answer questions of “timing” as in “soon” or… “not so soon.”

A Reader must create his or her own system.

If I received the Priestess, I’d know: don’t fucking ask because we won’t tell you.

If I received The Hanged Man, I’d know: Waiting. Not yet.

If I received The Lovers or the Wheel of Fortune: good news.

If I received The Emperor: Rigidity. Not yet.

And so on…

And before I did the reading, I tried to… connect. Attach. To Spirit. I think I even… apologized to the God(s) for being absent lately. For being… tired.

I ever pulled a few Angel cards for support and damn the Archangel Michael is one I see a lot.

And then when I decided that I wanted to narrow down the timing even more, I chose 4 cards to represent May, June, July, August.

And the most positive one would be “the winner” so to speak.

All this may sound simple but I imbued my method with pure intention and trust.

I’ll let you know if I was right..

Another interesting thing: I pulled 3 Angel cards and seriously I would have thought this deck corny but I really like some of these cards (Virtue’s Angel Therapy Oracle Cards – -I just hate that word THERAPY) — and the first one I picked said “Be Willing To Forgive.”

And I pondered for a moment and thought “Okay, I forgive so and so.”

But. Then. I. Realized. The. Person. The. Card. Was. Referring. To. Was. Me.


Are you creative with your Divination?


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