Discussion Topics From MoonPluto Land: Mars Trine Neptune, The Sesquiquadrate, And More!

"moon conjunct pluto"We are almost at the halfway mark in my inaugural class in MoonPluto Land and I love it. It’s intense.

And I was talking about the upcoming transits in there, like I usually do, and noticing that tomorrow Mars is trine Neptune, exact. Mars in Scorpio. Neptune in Pisces.

And I asked the class to reflect on this. Reflect on the nature of Mars. Reflect on the nature of Neptune. Mars (the Warrior) in trine to Neptune (the Angel). What does it mean.

It’s an energy of protection is what I realized. Possibly the BEST protection there is. ArcAngel Michael, soldier of God.

I have this aspect in my natal chart and what I love about this class is that people ask questions and it makes me think about my chart in new ways. I usually associated this aspect with my writing because I have Neptune in the 3rd House but class discussion compelled me to talk about it more generally.

This aspect by transit means we can all feel it.


And yesterday someone brought up certain “minor” aspects, and I am no expert and began Googling and found contradictory information which made me think, and my previous theory was that minor aspects couldn’t tell us anything new. That what needed to be told was already THERE in the major aspects. But then I tweaked my theory.

It was the sesquiquadrate that the gal mentioned and some sources said “easier” than a square! And other sources said “harder” than a square!

And I realized not only do I want to learn more about the minor aspects but also that they may provide more keys and clues. And HOPE where there wasn’t any. It actually works both ways. Shows the problem. Shows the solution. But you have to dig.

Example from my chart: I’ve got Venus square Neptune and Venus square Saturn and I realized last night I also have Venus sesquiquadrate Chiron and it was indeed an aha moment.

It added a layer of sharp sharp sharp pain which IS my experience but which IS a little different than Saturn. It is most definitely Chiron. And many believe Chiron CANNOT be healed but I even began to rethink THAT. That Venus sesquiquadrate showed the pain but also the stitches and the potential of a whole heart because Chiron is the Wounded Healer.

Chiron in my 8th House ITSELF shows the pain already, but this…. this minor aspect REFINED it.

I am grateful to my first students in this inaugural class. Thank you for making me think 🙂

Love, MP


Commercial: I still haven’t written a proper blog post about this yet, but if you aren interested in my 2nd class, do email me. It will be a 2-week class, the fee is $100 and it will be focused on (your) Creativity, the 5th House, and the North Node. Your life as a work of art. I probably will limit it to 10 students — we will go DEEP into each others’ charts. We will talk about problems. We will look for solutions. Keyword: discovery!  I will also use the Tarot for this purpose. We will research what is blocking each of us.