Did You Know Richard Pryor Had Pisces Rising?

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Richard Pryor: Pisces Rising

I don’t know anything about comedy. I just know what makes me laugh 🙂

And then remembering that I grew up on this stuff because cable, HBO, was new and exciting when I was 12, and stand-up-comedy concert movies were always on. Pre-cable, as a young kid (talking age 7 or so) I was watching the original Saturday Night Live with my older brother. Quite a sensibility to inhale at a young age for those days, the 70s.

And yeah with my reserved Virgo Moon, I’m more likely to say “that’s funny” than actually laugh unless something REALLY makes me laugh and the laughs leap out of me, which is what was happening the other night, watching Richard Pryor.

No surprise that he was a Sagittarius but what’s really interesting to me is that Venus Mars conjunction in Scorpio in the 8th House. Jackpot! He was also Pisces Rising, which did surprise me although he looks it. So insightful and poetic too.

The performance takes place in New Orleans and he was asking the audience if it ever snowed there and then started talking Chicago weather and how the wind waits around the corner for you.  What I was also loving were his insights into love and marriage and how it didn’t quite work out for him 😉 But with the North Node in the 7th, he was certainly on the right track!

I didn’t even realize until just now, after a Google Search, that the movie i was watching was the last one he made. And also didn’t realize until now his difficult beginnings and childhood.

How do I keep finding these people? Or maybe they find me.

Who do YOU find?

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