Diamond In Your Belly: Mars Retrograde In Virgo

"mars retrograde in virgo"

If you have trauma in you, and you don’t seek and search what it means to you, and the meaning can even be that it is MYSTERY, that there IS no answer… if you don’t seek and search and find? Well, then, you are wasting your life.

Strong words for a Mars Station! 


Mars retrograde is YOU going IN to the interior.

Virgo rules digestion. Mars rules diamonds (well, diamond cutters).

I was on the treadmill today, running for my life, and I thought to myself: Self! Mars in Virgo is a diamond in the belly.

And retrograde? We direct the energy to the INSIDE rather than taking it OUTSIDE in the world, which Mars prefers to do.

Learn everything you can about that diamond. Picture it inside you because Mars (trauma) retrograde (the past) in Virgo is the passion (Mars) for learning (Virgo) how to heal (Virgo). 

And the thing inside you that you think needs to be CUT OUT is actually what shines brightest and is priceless.



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