Details Here About the JANUARY Meeting Group: Class in Session!

"new moon in capricorn" From my Facebook page:

The upcoming Astrology class is going to be a Venus & Mars class.

Did one of these years ago. Time for an update!

I will be using a text to assist me (at times) — one of my favorites.

You don’t need to purchase it — I will be bringing information from this book —

The Inner Planets by Liz Greene & Howard Sasportas in addition to, of course, my own ideas!!!

(And your ideas. I know you have amazing ideas!)

We will discuss problems and pitfalls and gifts of your natal Venus and natal Mars AND of your progressed Venus and Mars — also any outer planet “hits” your Venus and Mars are getting by transit and what this could mean for you!

And I will HELP YOU. Because that’s what I do (says Mama MoonPluto).

And your fellow students will HELP YOU appreciate your chart (because I attract smart people) all the more.

*****We will also discuss the 2016 Mars in Scorpio/Mars retrograde transit (this is PRIORITY) as well as touch on some of the upcoming interesting Venus transits of 2016.

Interested? Message me. MoonPluto@gmail.

I’ll let you know start date, how it works (if you are new to my classes) as well as the cost.

This is not a Tarot class but I tend to draw cards for folks anyway.