Depression, Work, And Astrology

"full moon in libra"

There was this guy. We were dating. In case you are curious, he was Gemini Rising, Sagittarius Sun, Cancer Moon, Mercury in Scorpio, Mars in Sagittarius… I was pretty attracted and yet repulsed by him. His Mars squared my Pluto.

We were on the phone once and he made a comment about how I wasn’t a “go-getter” or maybe I said I was a “go-getter” and he disagreed and I got sooooo mad because there I was STRUGGLING with my own business, working hard, trying to make it work, not knowing how to run my own business, learning as I went along, and feeling FUCK I am a GO-GETTER! I GO AND I GET!

I don’t know what made me think about him just now but it’s like… he didn’t see me, couldn’t see me. And maybe I didn’t, couldn’t see him. We tried to date a few times and the last time I acted badly. I said some things.

I grew into my Virgo planets. I had so much depression (repressed rage? feelings of powerlessness?) for so much of my life and… you can’t WORK when you’re depressed, not really, not normally, not effectively. It’s just a… different way of living. Different landscape.

I’ve only written a little about my depression on the blog and maybe I should write more. I’ve never examined what transits I was under during key years…

Who we TRULY are evolves, it changes. Did I have to cut through wall after wall after wall after wall of depression and defeat before I found my work, my Saturn? Before I found what I could do?

Have you found what you can do? 


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