Defy Gravity: Sun Venus In Scorpio Trine Neptune In Pisces

"venus in scorpio" i was born into chaos. I think that’s why some of my early memories are…

I don’t know how to put it.

Putting up ancestor pictures in the chat room (inspired by another blogger) and I took a picture of a color copy of a photo (long chain of replication there) that I have of my parents.

I recognize them but I do not recognize them.

I’d like to make some peace with these memories. They are not here doing bad or good or neutral anymore, not in body.

They are not here doing mitzvot or not doing mitzvot.

Their sole function now is to protect. And be. They are energy.

When I was religious I remember thinking: okay, I shall keep Shabbos because my mother cannot and there was a time when she loved it. Not that that was the only reason, but it was a connection we shared.

I think… her marriage destroyed her. By the time she got out of it, she was destroyed. Or maybe her childhood destroyed her. I don’t know for sure.

We are under water trines today. We can do this — if we choose. We can transcend chaos and pain. We can defy gravity.  Float… no matter what weighs you down.

Sun and Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune. Neptune rules chaos. Neptune rules redemption.

Who are these people? Are these the parents I knew? Scorpio and Taurus. What happened? What happened to them? How did it go so wrong?

I… could ask my Uncle. He’d probably blame my father 😉

I have the original picture packed away. And you can see this color copy has some wear and tear. That’s no giant tear drop, but a drop of water.

So consider this one of your Scorpio Season assignments. Do something for the Ancestors.


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