Decorating The Pit: Pluto Opposition Sun

"pluto opposition sun"
we are here to help each other


If you are a Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, or Libra in the mid-degrees then you are dealing with Pluto.


Yes, you are also dealing with Uranus (and Mars and Jupiter) but I’ve got Pluto on my mind this morning because i wanted to tell you that if you are a Capricorn Sun (or other Cardinal sign) and Pluto is bearing down on you, that feeling suicidal is a given.

Even if you’ve never felt that way before.
Even if you’ve always felt that way.
That you feel left behind is an understatement — no matter what is actually happening in your life.

Now this blog is no substitute for adequate mental health care, so if you are feeling THAT DARK, then please seek help. 

How can I reframe this. In a positive way.
This transit is NOT supposed to kill you.

But your Sun is who you are, your identity, your EGO and Pluto on it or square it or opposing it MAKES YOU DIFFERENT FROM EVERYONE ELSE AROUND YOU AT THIS TIME.

Because you are dying. You ARE different from everyone else at this time.

And you may become unbearable in that process.
Because THEY (your loved ones) can’t go there with you.
They don’t want to go there with you thus… having the *right* friends is crucial during this transit.

You need other Phoenixes, Scorpios, Pluto people who aren’t afraid of the dark or to sing in their chains like the sea. 

So basically I am here to tell you that HOW you feel is normal during this transit but remember that you can decorate your pit with the most beautiful flowers of hell.

Another thing: learn to accept help BECAUSE NOW YOU REALLY NEED IT.

This is also a North Node in Libra lesson. The Lone Wolf thing doesn’t work anymore, not with these transits.

You need to play nice with others, be gracious, even when THEY are not so humble as they help you out of the pit or help you decorate it.

BE PATIENT with others.
There will be temptation to drag them down with you because PLUTO.

You don’t have to be hopeful now.
But you have to stay alive.
Hope is a thing with feathers. It flies off.

So how do you keep going without hope?

I’ll answer that in Part Two 🙂

Love, MP

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