Decorate The Blindfold: Neptune Is The Drug

"saturn in sagittarius" I feel like I have to write about Saturn entering Sagittarius — to matter.  To matter as a consulting astrologer.

And I will. The bulk of my Saturn in Sag writing will be available on my Private Blog.

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And I promise I will I will I will write some here about this VERY important transit — and I’ll also be doing my December Workshop on this VERY important transit.

But for the moment 🙂 I want to talk about Neptune and Addiction. (Btw, it will be interesting to explore Saturn in Sag aspecting druggy escapist Pisces, those with planets in Pisces, including Saturn hmmm.)

So I have this client. And she has an addiction. And she’s got some Neptune oh yes she’s got some Neptune but don’t we all. We all have Neptune somewhere!! Okay, some more than others. Off hand I actually cannot remember where her natal Neptune is, but she’s got Neptune ruling her 7th and she’s got a Pisces Moon on her descendent and Venus in the 12th and… if it’s not love that blinds and binds, it’s something else.

This is making me think of the Tarot and the various blindfolds and blindfolded and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Tarot deck yet with ornate beautiful blindfolds. Why not? Instead we get the flowing hair and whipping wind or raging sea.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with decorating the blindfold.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting to change one’s consciousness.

And I told her today: this impulse to want to cause a change in your consciousness is older than the pain of this lifetime, and it’s innocent! It’s pure! The motive is pure.

But somehow it got twisted. It got perverse. Diluted. And the addiction erupted. Neptune made it too easy.

But if she, you, can return to the original idea, then she, you, can discover so much more than the drug that leaves you with nothing but craving.

I am currently experiencing a little discomfort. Quitting smoking. I like it though. I like the longing without satisfying it, which is also very Neptune…



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