December 10th: Uranus Stations Direct AND The Eclipse Okay Okay Okay?

"full moon lunar eclipse in gemini 2011"
uranus stations direct on eclipse day!

Keywords, keywords, keywords: Saturn builds. Uranus breaks.

Uranus rebels! Uranus invents! Uranus frees!

Expect the Unexpected, aye! 

Uranus stationing direct this Saturday feels like, sounds like, shifting into gear, rusty gears — you know that sound? Like the subway that stalls and sits and then finally gets going again. Like a see-saw chain-saw in your ears.

Or the thaw of a loud frost. An earthquake. Sudden shift.

Or, to go small-size: a party guest you don’t quite trust and you’re wondering what shit they’re gonna pull. We’ve all got Uranus at our party.

Find transiting Uranus in your natal chart. Find your natal Uranus in your natal chart. Find the houses. Think about them. Discover the aspects.

And then forget it all. Expect the unexpected. Plan nothing.

I got a manicure yesterday. It’s been a while. If it ever becomes a habit it becomes a habit for a couple weeks and that’s it but it makes me happy to look down at my fingers and see them prettier and the hand massage actually is the best part. I’ve got Virgo Rising so I’m Mercury ruled, hand-ruled.

But I left the place and within an hour, some polish chipped on my index finger but still I look down and smile deep purple polish smile.

Uranus: spur of the moment! Uranus: out of the blue! Uranus: impulse! Uranus: erratic! Uranus: electric! Uranus: WTF! Uranus: weird! Uranus: invent the uninvented! Uranus: revolt against the revolting!

Uranus: don’t fence me in. Uranus: don’t tell me what to do. Uranus: fuck off. Uranus: hmm what part of your world would you like me to turn upsidedown?

Uranus: creativity. Uranus: intuition. Uranus: higher octave of MERCURY. Uranus: eccentric. Uranus: FREEDOM. Uranus: unpredictable. Uranus: chaos.

Saturn builds. Uranus breaks… a nail.

The waiting is over, my friends. The waiting is over. Uranus is HERE. 

In my chart my Cancer stellium is in the Uranus ruled 11th House. And my natal Uranus is either in the 1st or 2nd (depending on house system but I read it for both) and my natal Uranus aspects no planets in my chart at all. Trines my Mid-heaven though.


How do YOU express your Uranus? 

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