Death And Moon Chiron

"moon opposition chiron"

Our bodies get tired. Our spirits don’t.

This was an interesting point mentioned by my meditation teacher last night. Interesting, on one level, because I sometimes feel spirit-tired but I trust my teacher and the text he was reading from so am giving this idea some thought.

The body ages, body and brain. We start forgetting things, our muscles get tighter, we get sick.

And if we were *only* our bodies, this would be cause for alarm. Rest assured you have a long life ahead, but in other forms.

And so goes the morning: some stretches, the coffee is brewing, the dirty dishes are waiting for later, which is my favorite time to do the dishes.

Sky-wise, the Moon in Virgo is opposing Chiron in Pisces as I write this. Ponder this for a moment.

The Moon is women, your mother, your feelings, habits, what you need to feel secure. And Chiron we know as the “wounded healer” — immortal, can’t fix himself but can help others.

A very Virgo opposition wouldn’t you say?Β 

Are you interested in healing?Β  I am. I have a client who has a medical situation. Not life-threatening but… something I may try to help with. I know I have felt the long distance healing energy of others and I want to try to do the same. We shall see. I haven’t committed yet to the project but I might, which would include daily visualizations of her complete health in the area that’s being affected. I would do this during regular meditation practice.

But back to the sky: Mercury is also at 5 degrees, but in Aries. The Moon is making an inconjunct.

If you speak your mind today, it may hurt a little. May hurt you, may hurt the other person. If that’s not your goal, then watch yourself. Think first. Think second. Think third. And then maybe just maybe let it out. Err on the side of the beautiful with Venus in relaxing Taurus.

Interesting to notice how transits play out in your life. What are you experiencing so far with the Jupiter Pluto trine? Anything? I am seeing some very tangible results. Wonder if you are too.

But back to Moon Chiron. Oppositions are a balancing act or a tug of a war or a… we tend to do one side too well and the other side gets weak or… the opposition brings in one side of it, for example, if you are the Moon in the 1st House you bring in Chiron-people to your 7th House i.e. there’s some pain there but you may also meet healers, you may heal or be healed. You may use your feelings as your path to healing.

What is healing anyway? How much improvement is necessary to say you are “healed”? Must it be all clear?

Today’s sky: Virgo dreams of perfection but we understand it was just a dream: she’s done opposing Neptune. Now she’s opposing Chiron, the reality of not being perfect. Ouch.

But the good news is to come: trines to Jupiter and Pluto. Emotional power and optimism. A Virgo with true faith.

Virgo is the body. Pisces is the spirit. We need both at this time. But there will come a time, in your own life, when Virgo finally gets the perfection she longs for. Let this Full Moon in Virgo give you taste of it – without fear and in total Earth Trine comfort.

I am feeling my mother’s presence more and more as her yartzeit approaches and it feels fitting that the Full Moon in Virgo is conjunct my natal Moon. There was a pet name she had for me. Well, more than one, but this one name in particular that I call the cats sometimes.

How I miss her. So much. How I wish she could see my face, say things like “you look thin!” or “look at you!” or “you look like so and so…”

Legacy. Simple conversations. I was recently telling someone that death doesn’t end relationships although it does change them and when someone dies they are even MORE available to you. The boundary is gone. Just like the 12th House. There are no limits. Of course you can’t go to Katz’s delicatessen together for a corned beef sandwich but even death can be reframed. Not just loss but landscape. Now you see the distance.

PS The picture is of Isaac Bashevis Singer, one my mother’s favorites

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