Dear Virgo (Sun, Moon, Rising): How To Stop Worrying And Just Love

So this evening I embarked on a journey 🙂

I asked my husband one of THOSE questions.

One of those exploratory Moon Pluto questions.

I asked him what challenges he was facing being married. To me.

I wasn’t looking for critique… I was looking for… what was he going through, experiencing, if anything. What was new or deep or difficult or…

Because, let me tell you, it’s something fresh every day for me. Something I notice. Revelations. How to do better. How can I improve. Worry less. Trust more. I think it all comes down to that. Trust life, trust the Divine, trust him.

He gave me a Sagittarius Answer. A story. Which reminds me, he had another story (about Gordian knots) which I asked him to delay because my blood-sugar was low and I knew I couldn’t focus and was cranky 🙂

How is it that good things happen? Why do good things happen? Here is one theory: when we allow them to.  Make just an itty bitty  opening. Less resistance. Less struggle. Less hostility. A needle’s eye. And from there? It can get bigger and bigger and bigger. And more light comes in and more world and suddenly you realize….. Oh, what is this, Moon Pluto ponders, asks herself. Oh my. Isn’t THIS interesting! Isn’t this curious!

Dear Virgo (and all of you compulsive worriers reading this), it’s a practice. You don’t just do it once. You do it more than once. Every time that worry comes up, put your magnifiers on and you look at it, in it. Do you see the image that I’m making in my mind? A young scientist child getting closer and closer and closer to the object of inspection but the object is… fragile as a butterfly and strong as an ox. It’s why we stay alive. Worth staying alive for.

And YES I know I asked one of those woman questions of a fire-sign, half man half beast man and his answer was about slaying the dragon or mastodon….

What questions are YOU asking for Mercury Retrograde? ASK THEM and then ask them again 🙂

Love, MP

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