Dear MoonPluto…

"uranus square pluto"One thing I was planning to include in my “newsletter” i.e. the MoonPlutoLand News was an advice column, and as I write this I am thinking that maybe I will keep my newsletter forever theoretical. Conceptual blogging. Too bad the landlady doesn’t take conceptual money 😉

Yesterday though a reader did send in a question and I am going to give it a shot now and coincidentally it fits with the previous post about whether the Moon affects you! (It was a Saturn post in disguise.)

Dear MoonPluto:

My Saturn is conjunct my young stepdaughter’s Sun. Her Saturn is conjunct my Moon! Our relationship often feels uncomfortable and strained. Karmically, I would like to believe we are in each others lives for a reason. What do you think? 



Dear StepMom:

Your question makes me smile because it’s about Saturn and you use Saturn keywords in your question, which maybe you weren’t realizing.

Saturn IS karma and you have Saturn contacts, karmic contacts, intensely personal ones, between you and this little girl.

It feels fated because it IS. You are in each other lives because of a commitment (another Saturn keyword): you to her father and vice versa.

Now when your Saturn is on someone’s personal stuff or their Saturn is on your personal stuff (Sun or Moon, to name two) it could feel

1. oppressive

2. restrictive

3. limiting

4. frightening

5. supportive

6. educational (you teach each other)

There is always a higher vibration and a lower vibration. You have some degree of choice in the matter but it takes work (another Saturn keyword!)

You and she may never be all touchy feely and you do mention she’s a Pisces and Pisces may resist the Saturn structuring that you offer consciously/unconsciously and yet… that’s how she sees/feels you.

And you feel it from her as well. Hard to know where it stops and where it begins, or who oppresses who. You each feel restricted by the other, but in slightly different ways.

Bottom line though is that you are the grown up and she is the kid, even though her Pisces Sun may have much to teach you. Stuff you don’t really wanna learn! Because it’s Saturn! We resist!

“Don’t push.” That’s my final answer here (for the moment!). Don’t try to change her or “it.” And maybe, just maybe, she’ll follow suit.


Love, MP

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