Dear MoonPluto: What If I Can’t Have An Altar?

So I was counseling people on my Facebook page to take care of their altars this month.
Bolster them.
Dust them off.
Because these “hot spots” in your apartment can help GROUND YOU.
Hot spots. Healing spots.
Create a VORTEX in your immediate environment of HEALING ENERGY.

Then a woman on my page asked… what if she CANNOT have an altar.

And I don’t know her. Could be any reason. Maybe her family or whoever is around has a religious strictness that forbids it. WHATEVER THE REASON…

Her question:  any suggestion for someone living in a situation where an altar can’t be placed. I have one in a virtual world, but unable to get to it at this moment.

I told her this:


I mean you can make DINNER and it can be a makeshift temporary ALTAR.
You know what an altar is?
It’s a “miniature” temple.
Set an intention, say a prayer silently (so you can keep your privacy) and there you go.
In a sense, it’s like the Sukkah in Jewish culture i.e. MOBILE HOLINESS. Mobile help. You put it up. You take it down. You can have a different one every day. And this does not need to destabilize you.


Also, the holy temple is always inside you. You don’t need an outside manifestation but it HELPS. 

Seriously, you can choose two books from a bookshelf and prop them up in a certain way. Get it? I know that’s a dumb example but you know what I mean. ANYTHING YOU DO WITH INTENTION CAN BECOME THIS if you need to maintain spiritual privacy. This is what rituals are.

This is what persecuted people have done throughout the ages! If you have to keep it private, you find a way. You can pick up a rock on your way home and put it on the table. As I wrote above, your table is an altar. Anything you put on top of it is thus imbued with the holiness you impart. But you have to do this stuff with intention and clarity.

Love, MP

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