Dear MoonPluto: I Am Outgrowing My Friends…

"tarot readings in nyc"Are there people in your life who prefer it when you’re unhappy? Misery loves company so if you leave the company of misery, you break hearts.

What are your options when this happens? Cut the person out totally? Hope they’ll grow out of it? What has your experience showed you?

And I don’t mean people going through a hard time. I mean people who resent your success or your relationship or your spirit or your die trying attitude. Whatever.

More words from poet Jorie Graham:  One has to believe furthermore in the voyage of others

I’m going to draw a few cards around this issue, ask the Tarot for the best guidance. What to do when the Sad Sacks are Harshing your Buzz.

The main advice I see here is to be skillful. Mere avoidance doesn’t work. You are changing. Your life is changing.

One solution? Surround yourself with new people for the stage you are at now. I see battle in these cards, struggle, and maybe it fits the astro weather today but let’s pull one more because we’ve already learned it must be dealt with. You can’t stay in a situation that no longer fits. So what then?

I am feeling the uphill battle for you. I am feeling the Pluto-like changes taking place. Sigh!

Okay okay one more card. Finally.

All beginnings are hard, my dear. Your future awaits. It’s behind those blue mountains over there. Keep going. You’re not wrong for moving on.

Love, MP

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