Dear MoonPluto: How Do I Know?

"north node in taurus"Was working with someone this morning who is searching for her Ideal Work.

And this is an accomplished young woman with many ideas and she could probably do anything she set her mind to. Capricorn Rising!

And I was looking at her transits and shuffling the cards and the card I pulled, the final card of the reading, told me that she needed to feel inspired by whatever she was doing. Well, of course. But one step more.

I told her: the path you choose… it needs to make your heart beat faster. That’s how you’ll know. It needs to feel, you need to feel, how you feel when you’re in love. That’s how you’ll know that you’ve hit on the right thing.

Now this was particular to her chart, her cards, her reading. It could be something different for you. Or similar 🙂

For me it’s a feeling of lightheaded expansion. I feel it when I hear certain songs. That open-road-alive feeling. And I realize, now that I’m older, that this feeling has nothing to do with anyone else. It’s me.

How do you know when you’ve hit on the right thing? 

Love, MP

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