Dear MoonPluto: Girl Has Lucky Star Grand Trine In Water Today

The Business: 

So I have these two blogs.

The one you are looking at now and

Long story how it happened but I’m going to be streamlining soon and soon we’ll be under one roof again.

There will be:
more consultation packages, more types of readings, up to date information about classes and chat rooms and… MORE!

I’m also tweaking my Apprenticeship/Mentorship program.


This post is for Miss X 🙂

You know her 🙂 she’s a subscriber and receives two blog posts a month written just for her (among other goodies).

And, yes, I call ALL my subscribers Miss X in homage to poet Raphael Alberti who was introduced to me (in book form) by my poetry teacher of long ago college days, Donald Justice.

(Damn. Memory lane. I still have the letter of recommendation he wrote for me when I applied to Iowa.)

Dear Miss X:

I was contemplating your blog post this morning and noticed that VENUS IS TRINE JUPITER today in water signs, Pisces and Cancer.

This energy is building now. It’s not exact until tonight.

And I think if you stop and take a moment to reflect, you will find GRACE there.

I know you are an Air/Fire/Earth girl.

And I know you have your North Node in Pisces and Chiron in Cancer.
See, this transit was MADE FOR YOU because
Water is NOT easy for you.
Aquarians make love to logic and the light of the mind — not to all those squishy squeezey messy feeeeeeelings (unless the chart indicates otherwise).

I pulled up your chart:
Venus is transiting your 6th (using Equal Houses here) and Jupiter is in your 10th and what I want to tell you is this:

all those Tarot cards I’ve been pulling for you about work and career…
all those plans and visions you’ve been mulling over…
all that anxiety like white noise can keep the TRUTH out! And you do not want to keep the truth out.

The truth is this:

Venus trine Jupiter is a blessing, is grace, and is sweetly aspecting your work/career houses AND trining your 2nd House natal Pluto. You’ve got a Grand Trine, Miss X!

Do you see what I see?

Listen to the wind, Miss X 🙂
These particular Winds of Change are sweet. It’s the smell of oranges and surf, sweet flowers, good luck good fortune, prosperity opportunity.

I see water in your future…

And I pulled a card: THE LOVERS.
The choice is yours


Love, MP


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