Dear MoonPluto: Does He Like Me Back?

"venus square saturn" So I’m talking to this client (by Instant Message) and she’s got Taurus Rising (which means Scorpio on her descendent) and she likes this guy but he’s a hard nut to crack, including a Venus square Saturn aspect in his natal, and I’m telling her:

you can’t stomp stomp stomp around like this and get what you want, you can’t force this to happen, have to give him rope

Let him show her who he is because if she’s ALWAYS THERE, The Waiting, we can’t see his instincts, we can’t tell WHO he is at all or what he may want from her.

I am in the habit of telling clients
I can’t tell you what to do.
That’s not my place.
And THEN I give my opinion, if I have one, which is informed by charts and cards and intuition and my crystal ball.

Which reminds me:
I used my crystal ball for the first time today in a different reading and I came up with a very specific detail about someone’s house hunting i.e. a landmark. Now, I don’t know if I was just “seeing” that she would be seeing this particular house or if she is actually moving there.
Point is, it showed up. Interesting stuff.

But back to the original story.
So I tell the girl: trust the universe, okay? That you don’t have to wrestle this situation to the ground.

I told her that I was going to be taking my own advice upon which I had a very helpful and illuminating conversation with a loved one where I cleared the air, cleared my fears, and didn’t wrestle anything to the ground 🙂

Venus enters Aries tonight, my friends.
Be bold as love.
Be bold IN love.

Love, MP

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