Dear MoonPluto: Answering Reader Questions…

"mercury retrograde in leo"Yesterday I was looking for questions from readers to distract from the bad sad news out of Colorado but I was too distracted to blog much.

I am feeling back to normal today 🙂 and plan to stay away from the news-stream.

But now I want to quickly address some of the questions that were asked!


About Star-Crossed Lovers: I think you will find Neptune involved in the natal charts or synastry when you have star crossed lovers situations!

Neptune creates confusion, feelings of ideal love, and tremendous longing. Reality plays hide and seek.

In my humble opinion, being a star crossed lover has one use: MAKE ART out of the bittersweet tender feelings.

Otherwise? your life passes, day by day, and you sit at the window and you feel things and it’s lovely but then… what? Have something to SHOW for your Neptune!

About Pluto transits: they are not total devastation but they are about change, your change. Pluto makes good aspects too. It’s not all a horror show but it is LIFE. Sextiles, trines included.

One example: I am under a long Pluto transit these days, to my Ascendent. A trine. This transit is building me not destroying me. Remember that all the planets/signs have various keywords. As do the houses. And your chart is YOUR chart. And how you live your life day to day and long term of course will affect any transit.

For example, someone very spoiled can have an amazing transit and they won’t even see it, they won’t recognize it.

One reader asked about Mercury and Uranus both Rx at the same time and I think I will address that in another post so hold that thought!

And about Saturn in Scorpio: this will be very good for people with water placements even if they have other placements that conflict or add stress. Water needs form, structure, containers and Saturn shall provide it!

I believe people with Cancer and Pisces placements will definitely benefit. Scorpio too but trickier for Scorpio because it is a conjunction. Will be more intense for Scorpio.

KO, I believe it will be better for you. Saturn won’t be opposing your Aries self anymore! Even if he hasn’t been doing that by degree for a while. It will be a relief in my humble opinion 🙂

I am happy to take more quick questions if people have and I will give my opinions in a format like this 🙂 short answer, little plates, kind of like dim sum or tapas 🙂

Love, MP

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