Dear MoonPluto: Answering Reader Questions….

"mercury retrograde in leo"A few thoughts on reader questions and yes I am keeping the querents anonymous…


So and so was wondering about Saturn transiting one’s 1st house and I can tell you this:

The 1st astrologer I ever went to told me this transit meant I was “back in charge.”

Saturn is “authority.” Authority that you KEEP or you give away.

Honestly? It was a brutal transit for me. That said, NOT EVERYONE has this experience. Not at all. Depends on you, on your chart, what else is going on sky-wards, the lessons you are supposed to learn, the reasons which we cannot always identify.

When Saturn was in Virgo and in my 1st House, Uranus (sudden) was opposing that Saturn (harsh) by transit and when Saturn conjuncted my Moon Pluto conjuction with Uranus opposing, my world fell apart.

HOWEVER, and this is the up side πŸ˜‰

Everything I learned at that time (I was learning ASTROLOGY during those years) has become my life.

Nothing was wasted. But yes I was in hell for a few years oh yes I was and it built to a nasty crescendo but then I was saved.


So and so wanted to know about seeing past-lives in the chart and yes I do look at the South Node (and North Node) for information about this. But I also look at Saturn. (For individual chart or synastry). I also look at the 4th House. Some believe this is the point where the soul enters the person.

I have a lot of Virgo in my chart but also a lot of Neptune. I am skeptical but also a believer. I have compared charts looking for past-life connection.Β It’s hard for me to generalize though. It’s more “I know it when I see it/feel it” kind of thing because the chart is alive to me, the chart speaks, and there are so many combinations. This is something that does interest me though so your question makes me want to research it and brush up on the “common knowledge” around this topic.


And about So and So inquiring about outer planets and personal planets together in a stellium. As I was telling her, there’s an entire generation of Sun conjunct Neptune in Scorpio people. I do NOT believe they become Pisces but they are a “different’ flavor Scorpio than generations without this influence absolutely!

I also find, generally speaking, that we TRULY see the essence of a planetary energy this way i.e. I really Β understand Neptune when I am engaging with a Sun Neptune or a Moon Neptune person rather than a Pisces Sun or Moon.

Or maybe my point is that Pisces Sun has a different manifestation than Sun conjunct Neptune or Moon conjunct Neptune or a Neptune square.

As you get to know people’s charts and get to know people, you will suss out these distinctions for yourself and what they mean to you.


And, yes, So and So, your obsession with food could very well be related to your Mars in Cancer! Mars (hunts) Cancer (food). The aspects will tell you more. Chart tells a story!

I am happy to answer quick questions in this format, if you have them AND if they interest me. Please don’t get offended if I don’t answer them. I’m a picky Virgo Moon πŸ™‚

Love, MPΒ 

And YES I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the Full Moon in Aquarius!Β 

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