Dear MoonPluto…

A sparkly Sagittarius on my message board asked this question:

“My Mercury is conjunct my South Node in Scorpio. How do I stop obsessing about shit that happened long ago?”

A great question sparkly Sag!

Sparkly Sag, you should know, is also a writer. She has a Gemini Moon. Gemini Moon does not like to get stuck in the muck.

I free-associated some, that surely the answer could be found within the Scorpio/Taurus polarity itself. Both signs hold on and hold on hard… but Taurus is more about stuff (the material) and Scorpio more about emotional energy (brooding in this case) — exactly what was stressing out our Sparkly.

You may wonder: how could Sparkly switch off that South Node obsessy Scorpy thing and… what? GO SHOPPING? Please, MoonPluto no that can’t be it.

Correct! That’s NOT it. But as we chatted I remembered that she is a writer and she writes about her life and the THING she needs to hold onto is not a… diamond watch or whatever but her writing itself. Words on the page. Hoard THAT, Sparkly Sag. Don’t let THAT go.

That’s one way for her to go from South to North! (I also suggested she look for good aspects to her North Node, where was the support).

And told her to try to accept that she will obsess. From time to time. Our mission here not to destroy the self but to be more tender hearted, softer with what we have to work with. Analogy. On the train today a mother yells at her kid to STOP CRYING. An infant. That whole scene made *me* want to cry.

Try this: be kind to all your self-hatred. Sparkly Sag wasn’t talking about self-hate. Those are my words. But I’m making a bigger point. Once we stop trying to get rid of stuff, it changes. Or it stays the same. But we stop twisting and turning about it. We just let it be there, next to us.

What would you tell Sparkly Sag? 

Love, MP


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