Dear Moon Pluto: My Venus Is In Virgo And I Hate Myself

"Venus in Virgo"
John had Venus in Virgo

Oh Virgo, I’m sorry to hear that. Virgo is famous for criticizing self first and then turning a critical eye on everyone else. My suggestion? Self-love. Yeah, you know what I’m sayin’ 😉

Virgo is earth. Begin with the body.

Do you love your body? I mean really love your body?

Venus is your love nature. Venus is beauty and grace and charm so do yourself a favor and stop picking on yourself this minute. Self-hatred is not pretty (Venus) except to those who will wipe their feet on your (un)welcome mat.

How? How do you do this? Virgo needs to fix. So work on fixing your endless drive to self-critique and turn that energy elsewhere. World peace. World hunger. What? Not an Aquarian?

Virgo can’t see outside its own head, its own thinking. Take a cue from your opposite, from the Pisces, and dream a little dream, drink a little drink 😉 And look to who squares you: Gemini is too busy to worry. And Sagittarius has already moved on.

And apply this to your love life. Next time you got a dude hooked, ask your self: Self, what would Pisces do? And Gemini and Sagittarius. Virgo looks for proof. Virgo discerns. It takes what it needs, it takes what makes sense, and leaves the rest. Try it!

And you know what else? Fear less.

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