Dear Moon Pluto: My Venus Is In Aries. Do I Try Too Hard?

"venus in aries"
Marilyn Monroe: Venus in Aries

Probably 🙂

Aries is Mars and Libra is Venus and when Venus is in Aries, it’s, well, acting like a dude! Chasing, hunting, being a warrior. Not behavior fitting a lady. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sexist. But what happens to the man when the woman is doing the man’s job? Well?

I have known charts though with Venus in Aries well-supported and I have seen these women in happy loveship. You aren’t doomed. But here’s my thought:

Everybody wants love. What are you willing to do to get it? Are you willing to… examine your behavior and make adjustments if you find that your… ways… aren’t getting you what you need?

Now, I want to respect who you are, your Venus in Aries FIRE, so maybe the adjustment is small. Maybe one less phone call. Maybe one less text. Maybe one less… one night stand. Maybe when you find one that you like, you can hold back a little. Try to receive rather than sally forth.

Aries is forward, dynamic energy and I know it will be a challenge for you to sit on this energy but think of it as an experiment. Think to yourself: I am a tasty luscious morsel. I am prey. Let the hunter do his hunting 🙂

Also, try channeling your Venus in Aries energy into anything but love. Don’t chase the guy. Instead, chase your career, chase your dreams, chase a ball around a court. And if you need to understand better how this is done? Look to your Venus ruled Taurus or Libra friends. Trust me: they KNOW.

And when you find yourself with a sweet thing, in a sweet thing, and you feel yourself shifting back into Aries mode, you know what you need to do? STOP.

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