Dear Moon Pluto: My Crush Is A Leo And I’m A Capricorn. Is It a Match?

"Leo Capricorn Synastry"
Capricorn and Leo

You really have to look at the whole chart. You really have to compare the two charts. You really have to interact with the person. You really have to try. Or, at least, feel out the situation. I always say to Trust the Chart but we  live and breathe in real time, real life, and you should know this better than anyone, as a Capricorn!

Now when I see Mercury (communication) challenges between charts or Saturn (restrictions) challenges between charts? Yeah, I pause. I wonder. I predict. But it depends! Maybe that person’s Sun and Moon are very Yangy and detatched and they can handle or don’t mind or aren’t put off by… a Saturn Opposition in synastry.

And yes I know synastry is a small astro industry in itself, but my advice to you is to read it for fun and for insight but deal with the person too.

And to answer your question of “Should I bother?” Sure. Why not. See where it takes you. Get his chart and you’ll learn some astrology in the process 😉

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