Dear Moon Pluto: Can Astrology Help My Love Life? Signed, LoveLess

" Moon Pluto Astrology"
I wait for the mail

Dear Fellow Star Gazers, a reader sent me the following question and a column was born: Can Astrology Help My Love Life?

My answer? It absolutely can! But first, LoveLess, know thyself. Do you know your own birth chart? That’s the first step. And then of course to scrutinize the details of any potential boyfriend’s chart after procuring the birth information without him thinking you’re a stalker. Hard to do, I know, but I’ve done it often enough.

What’s that you say? That Moon Pluto is currently single? Besides the point, LoveLess. And anyway, if you’re a fan of my blog, you can read all about my um love impediments.

And yes I do ask my boyfriend’s permission before writing about him. Usually. Sometimes. Once in a while 😉 What’s that? Does he mind? No of course he doesn’t mind. Who wouldn’t want to be written about on a blog reaching over… well… with a small but loyal readership.

Sorry, LoveLess, I know this question was about you but I have Venus in Leo and if you know anything about Venus in Leo, then you know plenty. They’re like cats in human form, attention seeking, stroking your leg for treats. See, Venus is your love nature, it’s how you love, and Leo is the sign that my Venus is in. Think of it like an actor in a costume. My Love-Actor is wearing a cat-costume. Sometimes she meows and sometimes she hisses. And sometimes she pees on the bed. Just kidding. Really.

But I digress. In either case, YES, astrology can help your love life, can help ALL of your life, once you know what you’re dealing with: yourself and someone else in this case. How important are Mars and Venus you ask? Very important. We’ll cover that next time.

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