Dear Little Witch, Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark

"jupiter in the 12th house" I am reading a wonderful little book on Execration Magick.
Curses, Hexes, & Crossing: A Magician’s Guide to Execration Magick by S. Connolly.

It is a fascinating topic to me and recently (this week) I’ve kind of… stopped feeling GOOD-PERSON’S GUILT over my interest in darker topics like curses, hexes, crossing, necromancy, and… other things. I have many interests. In many things. And it actually drains my energy to deny it (to myself).

ALSO this dovetails with a reading I got, half a year ago, by a young man, shamanic practitioner and root worker and he was peeking into some Spirits around me and one of them (a buddy of mine, not an adversary) was privy to the most infernal of magicks. And I was too (my young teacher told me).

As you can imagine, I had many questions for my young teacher. Me? Infernal? Huh? Isn’t that wrong?

And thus began a winding windfally path of much discovery as Jupiter transited my 12th House (and still is), which he also predicted (the zig zag pattern) upon pulling the Chariot, the road being bumpy.

Here’s a taste of her style and attitude, just a smidge of her depth:

Basically what I’m saying is the curse can be used as a very primal psychological exercise in dealing with anger, grief, envy, and other emotions that cause us pain. It can also be used to take our power back in everything from cursing an addiction to banishing negativity from our homes. Yes, even banishing and exorcisms are technically a form of execration magick.

"uranus square sun"It is a slim volume. I tend to read and take breaks, read and take breaks. Rarely do I finish even a short book in a day but I’d like to read through this quickly and then move on to another beauty in my occult library.

If you have skills as an exorcist, for example, if you are skilled at building anger, if that’s when your power is really juicing, don’t dismiss that. There’s no need. We can’t be all good at all things. Maybe some magicians will break it down that way. Maybe some will ONLY do banishing and protection… whereas love spells (for example) just isn’t their thing (at this time). Know what I mean? Use the energy you have, USE THE POWER YOU HAVE, in the direction you choose but don’t ignore what moves you. There is a reason why you are so moved.