Dating Pluto

"new moon in aquarius 2012"
Pluto as a black angel

It’s not just that Pluto destroys. It’s that Pluto rebuilds AND needs your help with the rebuild.

So *think* about this… And think where Pluto is transiting your chart now because he’s going to be there (in Capricorn) a long time although he may be shifting houses any moment! Or not… You have to check!

Another point: Pluto, among other things, represents power struggle — the desire to change someone else.

For example: I had a fight with someone last night. And this morning as I was thinking about Pluto, I was realizing this is a good example of Pluto about to enter my 5th House (a love house). I love this person but want him to change something… that he doesn’t want to change.

And I don’t see him wanting ME to change except — to accept him as he is, where he is NOW.

For me? Nope. I’m Pluto. Not good enough. I’m coming in to unearth, to make change, to bring crisis, to destroy the not-so-solid ground, what he believes to be true.

Do you think he sees it this way? Probably not. He may see me as a pain in the ass mostly. Someone who doesn’t understand and makes impossible requests.

But I don’t see it that way. Although I know what I’m asking and what a challenge it is. 

Thus, the power struggle.

Change or die. Change or THIS, what we have, must change.

He’s having a Pluto transit to his 6th house. His daily life WILL change with or without our power struggle. If he could stop for a moment, and take a look… he would realize this. It’s happening already. Clear as the brightest day.

I do not fear the change. I am giving him a challenge which, probably, NO ONE EVER has given him before. How do I know this? I know this.

And the challenge is filled up up up up up up up up to the top with True Love and yet it’s a challenge that threatens everything he thinks he knows about himself thus far.

This is what being in a relationship with me is like.


I come to you as an Ambassador of Pluto.

And it’s not perfection that is requested by Pluto. It’s submission i.e. WILLINGNESS.

By the way, I also like to watch t.v. and go for long walks on the beach (LOL LOL LOL).

Will he accept Pluto’s challenge? I don’t know. Do I think he should? Yup.

It’s snowing now in the Big City. It just started to snow. I’m sitting by the window and I can see it blowing through the air. I’m heading out soon and wanted to post just a little Pluto post and hells bells! Look what came out!


Wishing you a beautiful Saturday/Sunday… See y’all later 🙂


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