Crisis Leading To Your North Node??

"north node in pisces"

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What’s on my mind today:

that your North Node (in your natal) will save you, every time. But you have to keep at it.

And that the North Node by transit has a similar function. Is it easy? No. Are these “lessons” you require? YES. I’ll ask again. Is it easy? NOOOOOOO.

My North Node is in Pisces and I am being supremely challenged now to be LESS VIRGO. Less tight. More go-with-flow. More trust. More visions. More intuition. Less analysis. And knowing the difference between magick and escapism.

I am independent, self-employed. I actually do have some freedom to flow (more than many others) but I still have to strong-arm myself. For example: scheduling naps! Making myself rest! How does a Virgo type person UNregulate and UNschedule and Unwind? Exactly. These are the questions that must be answered — and not cause more stress in the process but truly enter the pool.

And now we have a Mercury Retrograde in clever speedy mind Gemini!! Can you imagine? Gemini going backwards? Well you won’t need to imagine it. It is here! It is coming!!

How does it feel when your Mercury function dysfunctions????? Mercury is mind. Gemini is mind. Mercury in Gemini retrograde is for mind-reading indeed.

Tell me — are you actively engaged with your natal North Node? Is life making it impossible for you to ignore these life lessons?


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