Crisis Body: Pluto Transit To The 4th House

In MoonPlutoLand (our little private message board) a couple of us were talking about Pluto transiting our 4th House.

Pluto is leaving my 4th (HOORAY) but for S. she’s got a ways to go and she said this:

“The 4th is a tender place. Pluto there is cleaning out the cobwebs with an industrial-sized vacuum device, bringing it all to the surface. It’s not gentle.”

And the way my mind works? Her vacuum image immediately made me think of an abortion and how abortion is a perfect metaphor for Pluto through the 4th. First of all, abortion is taboo despite it being a constant topic of national conversation and controversy here in the U.S. And Pluto rules the taboo and Pluto is the annihilator. The 4th House is the womb. I was so excited by this taboo metaphor that I just had to share 🙂

During my 4th House Pluto transit, I did not have an abortion, but as I have written about many times, both my parents died. Also, I was constantly moving, always some housing crisis. For you it could be something else entirely. It could even be psychological changes only (although I kind of doubt it). Your Pluto mileage will vary.

Do you have an outer planet changing houses? 


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