Crazy Week For The Lovers (Week of Feb 1st)

"saturn square neptune"So we have this really interesting week, star-wise, love-wise…

but it feels like the same story to me – getting told in a new way.

Venus is telling the story this time. She is retracing the steps that Mercury took (direct, retrograde, direct).

She will conjoin Pluto and square Uranus. He loves me; he loves me not. She loves me; she loves me not.

Make no decisions about your love life this week. They will be the **wrong** decisions. 

Otherwise, here is a partial list of aspects:

Exact on Wednesday and thus building now:

Mars sextile Pluto (Scorpio Capricorn)
Mercury sextile Chiron (Capricorn Pisces)
Sun sextile Saturn (Aquarius Sagittarius)

This is a near perfect day. They say trines make you lazy and the sextile requires a little work. “You won’t get these abs for free,” as Jillian would say 😉 but you’re not frustrated and miserable as sometimes happens with squares, for example. At the very least, you’ll get a lot done. Good day for Virgos!

Friday: Mars inconjunct Uranus makes me wince. Scorpio to Aries and Venus is conjunct Pluto. THIS IS THE DAY to watch out for. That love life warning I gave at the start of this post. Hide the knives. Mars can be violence and Uranus is an eruption. The inconjunct makes a mess. Your secret stealthy plan (Scorpio) has a problem. The bomb (Uranus) goes off before anyone is ready.

And then Saturday:
Sun sextile Uranus (yes more sextiles!)
Mercury trine Jupiter (Jupiter is retrograde but still good! Making plans…)
AND Venus square Uranus: you cannot make up your mind or your heart. Please stop being so crazy. Thank you. And good luck with that.

Sun square Mars (the battle continues)
Venus sextile Mars! (love wins???)


Listen to Mama MoonPluto. Make no sudden moves. Hide the knives. Breathe.


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