Crazy Desire And The Venus Neptune Lover

A complaint I hear from clients (and I’m going to put this in my own words) and something I’ve experienced in my own life is when desire is merely received and not returned.

When you are given the High Priestess treatment rather than The Magician 😉 The circuitry is not maintained.

And it’s something you know or something you feel and  people with Venus Neptune in their charts (especially the hard aspects or Venus in the 12th House) keep on offering that desire (at least that’s what they think they are doing) which then turns into sacrifice and pain and woe is me. Oy.

That the man (or woman) just takes it and either… does nothing (acknowledging or not acknowledging) or even, at worst, keeps you prisoner with it. Offering you a distant future in the clouds that looks something like the 7 of Cups. Maybe Baby. When I get my shit together. When I… do this, that, and the other FIRST. Sigh.

Poor Venus Neptune. She’s lived through this before. And before that. Probably lifetimes of it.

(And by the way, this is written from Venus Neptune point of view. I am not here to blame the object of Venus Neptune’s desire but attempting to explain a psychological process.)

Venus Neptune people recognize this problem instantly as pleasure challenge and it takes WORK and consciousness to change this mental heart habit and to begin to seek out YES rather than getting addicted to disappointment and emotional slavery.

There are many variations of this of course. I am feeling this acutely in my own life after having a phone call last night with a Scorpio (high school friend) who years ago (he’s one of those Sun Neptune Venus conjunct people) who talked a big talk (how we were soulmates, meant to be together, would see each other soon) and then went and married someone else. I didn’t even find out until years later.

And this leads me to another topic actually: be kind to your neighborhood Scorpios these days, especially the mid degrees, especially the Scorpio stelliums. Saturn is crushing them right now and this friend of mine also has Libra planets that Pluto in Capricorn is squaring and basically it’s a shitstorm. Worse than a shitstorm. If there was any support in that chart, I couldn’t find it. Except for Jupiter direct making trines to his Libra planets but again that’s a promise that may not deliver. I feel like Job he said. Decimated but still… protected somehow. I know the feeling, I said.

So I’m friends with my Scorpio friend (he’s got Moon in Aquarius, I’ve got an 11th House stellium) but can’t take what he says (concerning me) seriously because his words of love will enter my 12th House and build a garden there that will only die young.

What’s the solution? You, Venus Neptune person, have to become aware of what YOU are doing. Don’t blame the other person too long. Notice when you are waiting hoping longing sacrificing. Unlatch yourself from the boobie of fantasy 🙂

And the other part of it this is… if you are single and don’t want to be single, don’t waste your time anymore with dead flowers.

Try to get your needs met because lord knows they will continue to make you miserable if you don’t.

Funny. I am listening to a Pandora station and Bon Iver is singing “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” Exactly. Venus Neptune keeps trying with her/his Venus Neptune tricks but has victim-mentality so they don’t even realize what they’re doing. Because it hurts so much, they feel they are RIGHT. Get what I’m saying? It’s my most important point here.

Maybe the first step for you is hanging out with your friends or going someplace new or internet dating. Do *something*–

By the way, I’m not saying that the love you are sacrificing yourself for NOW won’t ever work out but put your heart on a timer.  Pay attention to reality. LIVE in reality. Listen to what people say and watch what they do. Believe you can find someone who will echo amplify intensity return your crazy desire 🙂

There’s nothing wrong with you, nothing at all.


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