CorkyThe Cork Says Plug Plug Plug (Moon Pluto People)

"moon pluto"
I put Stevie Nicks pic here because I was listening to "Sara" while typing up this post. She has Moon in dignified Capricorn

The thing about intense emotions is… drum roll please… they are YOURS to play with. Mars is in Leo, folks! Time to play.

These intense emotions are not your mother’s or your lover’s or your neighbor’s or your dog’s. They are your beautiful feelings. And they are there for you to USE.

What do you want to do with them, hmm? 

They are waiting for you to come home (Moon). They are waiting for you to come home and dig (Pluto), root around (Pluto), go underground (Pluto). You are the magician here. Will you turn straw into gold?

The lotus (you sensitive flower you!) grows up in/from the house (Moon) of shit (Pluto). Do you know this story?

Think of the 8th House and the idea of energy exchange. You give. They take. They give. You take. If you have a motor inside you that can power a city, many takers will seek you out.

How will you find relief release expression explosion… but for yourself.

Ever notice that non-feeling types are really attracted to you? No offense to the more detatched among us! To each their own. But they may feed off you (and you may enjoy it). They may provoke you, pressure you to perform your emotional high wire act. Engage, exchange, only if YOU want to. You decide which city you want to light up.

See? You can cork it. Or you can learn to. Save it. Imagine that. Save it. USE IT.

Oh yeah here comes the slippery metaphor: your emotional intensity is a bottle of wine. Let it flow, pour it out, get wet, swirl it, sniff it, get drunk as Baudelaire wrote.

But you decide which city and ask yourself:  What do you want in return?

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