Control The Bleed? You And Your Pluto

"moon pluto conjunction in the 1st house"
is your Pluto showing?

I was chatting with another astrologer on Twitter the other day and we were chatting about Pluto.

About Pluto’s power to attract and Pluto’s power to repel. Others.

What’s your take on your Pluto?

What do you do more of? Repel or attract?

Or both? And do you know why that is?

Is Pluto married to any of your personal planets?

Someone once told me that my Moon Pluto conjunction would cause people to “fall into me” — and I am not going to comment about that…

I am wondering what your experience is–

Side note: while on the treadmill this morning I started another post in my head and I was going to call it “Control the Bleed” because a natal Pluto aspect to a Sun or Moon for example can give you that feeling of inevitability i.e you just can’t stop it i.e. compulsion. That your ego or your emotions are simply — well — you have to learn to master them.

Not control, but master.

Now I can’t stand the sight of blood. My own skinned knee made me faint once and I never give blood. I do love Vampires though… I’m on a tangent but my point is this:

You can learn to master your stuff, to master your immense Pluto Power so that you can… repel less and attract more. Destroy less and birth more. More of what you want.

Saturn (the teacher) in my 9th (also the teacher) trines my Moon and Pluto. I’ll have to come up with some lessons on mastering the bleed… besides bandages and applying pressure. And that is actually, in part, the purpose of this blog. Helping others with their emotional intensity, in whatever form it takes.

So maybe I’ve been doing it all along to some degree but… it seems more important than ever now.

Saturn in Libra is telling me to commit to this… in time for Saturn in Scorpio… for you AND for me.

Because if you (if I) keep on losing what and who you (I) want, instead of gaining, well, something’s got to change.

Please share your Pluto in the comments! (Pluto LOVES it when you do that.)

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