Control The Bleed (Part 2 – You And Your Pluto)

"moon pluto conjunction in the 1st house"
good morning, star gazers!

Wow what great comments I woke up to this morning on the blog. Love hearing about everyone’s natal aspects.

Opal talked about Management being really the most we can hope for when it comes to Pluto and I don’t dispute that — to manage the energies.

I wrote back in response that maybe it was my well -aspected Pluto that made me feel like I could Master it 🙂

See, I think Pluto likes being with my Moon and actually my Moon likes being with my Pluto — despite the fact that it makes romantic-relationships hard, makes relationships sacrifice i.e. like throwing yourself on the fire. Takes a lot of energy (i.e. management or mastery) to… and here’s a new word… to de-compulse!

I wind up with a lot of regret at times because Pluto is a vampire, that’s how it feels to me (sometimes) but then what? You’ve killed something. You’re just left with the body and not a fun sprightly vampy companion — it’s just DEAD.

So that’s what I want to write about — about mastering, harnessing managing the Plutonion impulse of the over-do, the intensity. And see where it gets me. 

And this energy is MINE. It doesn’t come at me so much — it’s mine, me, my blood, through and through. It’s my motor i.e. a conjunction

I used to project it (or think it came from outside me — that’s a more accurate way to put it until I realized that all that feeling wasn’t HIM (i.e. whoever) that was so damn inspiring and hot and thrilling and wow and intense and good — it was all me. And it DOES feel good to sit, stand, BE in the center of all that bottomless well of stuff… on a good day. On a bad day, it’s a bitch. On a good day, I can focus it. On a bad day, my mind won’t stop. Moon in Virgo: the mind won’t stop.

And another thought, different yet related: 1st House people need to allow for the other person TO EXIST.

To be continued…

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