Continuing My Continuing Series Of Not Writing “Perversion Around The Zodiac”

"mars opposition mars"

It was someone else’s idea. Not mine.

And I wrote two blog posts not even trying to address it, but sharing some personal details, mostly Sun signs.

Anyone can Google Scorpio and read SEX SEX SEX and ignore everything else about Scorpio, or research Aquarius and call them kinky but… it doesn’t amount to much. And I don’t believe consensual adult stuff is perverted anyway. It’s a cute title though 🙂

What IS interesting to me though is this:

that people have different sexual “personalities.” And this is something I used to think a lot about when I was in my 20’s, feeling that so-and-so was a bad match for me because our sexual personalities didn’t match up. He wasn’t enough this or wasn’t enough that and… my focus WAS more on that than actually RELATING to someone. I have an empty 7th House and my North Node is conjunct my 7th House cusp. And you know what they say about the Nodes: leave the South, join the North (to be overly simple).

Now what makes up a sexual personality? Well, the chart of course! Mars AND Venus. I think often folks dismiss Venus as having any part in the sexual personality. They say she’s all about charm and beauty and what you love and how you love but I promise you this — that my good friend’s Venus in Aquarius DEFINITELY influences his sexual tastes. Mars may be HOW he does it. But his Venus is WHO he wants to do it to.

And then there’s our friend Pluto, also important when considering how important sex is to the individual. Maybe important is the wrong word. The PART it plays.

So yeah look for this stuff in your own chart: Mars, Venus, Pluto, 8th House. Look for Chiron too. Why Chiron? Eh. Just a feeling 😉

In my earlier post I had written that I have a Moon Pluto conjunction in my 1st House and trying to explain to my boyfriend my experience of sex. I don’t mean my PHYSICAL experience of sex (although that is related) – but… how I… approach it, relate to it, how I FEEL it, the way it approaches ME, that all-consuming feeling, desire for intimacy which has nothing to do with objectification or recreation. It’s something else entirely. In fact, it’s something WHOLE. When it’s right, that is.  And you know what else? It’ s not about getting off.

Yeah I can spend a long time talking about what something IS NOT in order to get at what it IS.

So there was this gap. Either due to our Mars opposition or for some other reason but I couldn’t explain what I meant. It was like trying to explain my hazel eyes.

Long story short? To be continued…

Mars? Venus? Pluto? What influences you the most sexually speaking? 


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