Confusion Removal Machine: What I Did In Meditation Class Last Night (Advice For MoonPluto People & Others)

"moon pluto conjunction" I wake up trying to figure everything out, everything.

I’m trying to remember the words a Tarot reader said to me the other day (yes I get readings too sometimes!). I’m trying to decide whether to get one little cookie with the blue sprinkles, or two, from the Mexican bakery. I’m noticing that Kitty is acting a bit more spritely and could the good energy I sent her last night from meditation class have done some good. And I’m listening to Lyle Lovett. Whatever happened to him? Is he still around?

I want to tell you about last night’s class — how when we were doing the breathing techniques, the breathing exercises, during the exhalation part I imagined that I was dumping anything I didn’t need, including extra Moon Pluto emotional intensity, letting it all go, how this is also a purpose to meditation, that we can include any purpose we want and we can mediate all day long because we are breathing and exhaling all day long.

In my September Meeting Place (my September class) I’ve been pushing the gals to sit in a rather “traditional” style, very straightforward, very gentle but with some discipline to it (not window gazing, not flying around the room) but last night I added in more, I added in this emotional process for myself, and I’m going to do it today too, with every out breath, every time I remember, let it go. Breathe out sadness. Breathe out confusion. Breathe out WTF. Doesn’t really matter what it is, but keep letting it go. You can even imagine it in the room with you – after it’s out of your body. You can see it. You can see it dispelling into the air, transforming itself, becoming a good perfume or sunlight or part of the air itself, compost, and helpful, foundational, able to help hold you up when you need it. Or you can send it to the earth. And maybe just maybe if you do this practice you’ll… see new value in this emotional intensity once it’s outside of your body. Maybe you’ll recognize who those emotions (some of them) belong to — I did this just now, letting my emotions out through the out breath and into the air and I saw my mother (which makes sense of course for someone who has a Moon Pluto conjunction!)

You Moon Pluto people: you can HEAL yourselves and others as much as you can hurt (yourselves and others). 

There is something I am confused about in my life right now. I don’t know what to do. There is nothing I *can* do except keep breathing and writing and let it go and trust it will all be resolved. This is VERY different from trying to seize control and forcing answers or results or wandering around howling!

One has to feel the feelings though – if a Moon Pluto person (for example) doesn’t FEEL them, they get backed up like a clogged toilet (we are talking Pluto here and Pluto rules shit and elimination) — they can’t all STAY in the body. There has to be a removal machine, discharge, thus the breath.

It is the letting go itself that transforms it, Anais!

Do you meditate? 


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