Complete Faith: Jupiter In Gemini PART TWO

"jupiter in gemini"

This is part 2 to the previous post.

This is the “advice” part 😉

Start small.

If you start allowing yourself the small stuff, like buying a necklace, then maybe *just maybe* you’ll begin to allow the other stuff in, the BIG (Jupiter) stuff, the stuff that really matters. Like love.

And for you it may not be about buying something. There’s… a different energy exchange that needs to take place. There could be any number of gestures. Maybe it’s saying NO to someone who asks a favor of you that you don’t really want to do.

Things are just a symbol. And buying that necklace today was more than… that I now own something lovely.

It was, is, magic. Shifting old old energy.


I just got an image in my head but it was kinda gruesome. I’ll share it anyway. I was going to say “pull out the pins.” And in my mind I saw a doll and once the pins were pulled out, blood poured out. But then what? There’s this doll with holes. What happens next? 

What happens next is someone comes and cleans the wounds, lovingly, and sews the doll back up.  This is your faith. This is you.

That you are WORTHY of being repaired. 


Which reminds me of another story. A few months ago a friend of mine got hurt in an accident and more than ANYTHING I wanted to go to him, take care of him, any way I could. I have Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Cancer.

This friend said no. And still I considered heading out there anyway. Looked on-line for a flight.

But I gave up. His no was stronger than my yes.

He used to tell me (drunk and sober) that I could do a whole lot better.


It’s painful to think: what am I doing wrong that I don’t have what I want. And insight comes when you least expect it — but it  definitely comes when you do something different, when you break patterns, talk to strangers, leave the familiar, when you let it happen, when you let the girl in the door. Yeah. That one.

Jupiter in Gemini to me feels like BIG exploration, whether it’s your neighborhood (Gemini) or the world (Sagittarius).

Prepare to step out 🙂

Love, MP

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