Coming Home To Your 4th House: Who Waits For You?

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Usually I like to keep my desk tidy.

It’s where I work and write and since some of the keys on my netbook broke, I have a new keyboard that plugs in — which makes sitting on the futon and typing, for example, more challenging.

Lately my desk is what I consider messy. There are chatchkas, there are new light blue legal pads, a new holder (a summer-themed beach ball cup) for pens and pencils, altar goodies and candle holders and small Tibetan notebooks (very small) and Tarot cards and pretty boxes with little notes inside, a Chock full o’Nuts coffee can with more notes inside, my ephemeris, post-its, books, incense holder… and more (but not much more).

And yet it doesn’t distract me these days which is WEIRD. I was out of the house all day today and was thinking: okay, when I get home, I’ll putter, I”ll fix the desk but when I get home? It feels just right.

It’s a big Gemini sky up there, out there. Sun, Mercury, Venus, the energy of the recent eclipse. Gemini rules writing, rules the desk.

The desk is home.


Lately I’ve been talking to clients who are talking about “home,” literally their relationship with their houses. When the same theme, when the same message keeps coming up? Pay attention. The Eclipses connect my 10th House and 4th House: public world/private world. Home.

I’m a Sun, Mercury, Mars in Cancer. I get it. If you don’t have a good relationship with your space, your place, it’ll make you sick. You must begin a tender dialogue with your home (i.e. with your 4th House, your roots, your symbolic foundations, your SOUL) to make you and your house feel better.

And today I was at a friend’s house and the energy there was so heavy. He’s had two long-term relationships fail there. I told him (yenta that I am) that he needs to clean, clear, that space. His furnishings are dark too, lots of black, lots of dark wood, the windows are small, very little light… or maybe it was just the energy, the energy of tears I told him on the phone later.

Now who the fuck wants to hear that their apartment has the energy of women’s tears in it? I know I know I say too much at times. I know just what to say to make people wanna hang up. Some do. Some don’t.


Lately I’ve been listening to Spiritual Teachers on youtube and what an amazing resource. Last couple of nights it’s been Louise Hay and for years I’ve heard of her but wasn’t so familiar with her work and oh man such power and I was listening to some of her affirmations and she even has ones for the home.


What do you have in your 4th House? What sign is on the cusp and what planet is associated with it? What’s your relationship to home? Do you hold steady or are you always moving?

Pluto is leaving my 4th House after… how long? I’d have to look it up exactly but possibly 20 years. Both my parents died during that transit, a few years apart, and all through my 20s I think I moved every single year. Thanks Pluto.


But I cannot, will not complain. I read the news. Every day. I have no complaints. Tenderness, not (self) pity is the higher vibration of not having exactly what you want. Be tender towards your dreams, the ones that died, the ones that live, the ones you haven’t thought of yet.


Nothing feels steady or stable to me now. Gemini squares my Moon Pluto conjunction in Virgo. The Eclipse(s) isn’t bringing answers. It’s like… the energy has arrived, but the manifestation, the creation has not. I also have planets hovering towards the ends of houses and I want to push them along.

What’s happening in your chart? 4th House or otherwise?

Love, MP

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