Clean House With Mars In Virgo

"mars in virgo 2011"
Keith has a Virgo Moon

Not all Virgos are clean. But Mars in Virgo is going to make you WANT to clean. Want to REFINE. Well, more than want. You may not be able to help yourself.

And you’ll likely want to clean-up the Virgo house in your chart! But first you must notice what’s wrong with it! And Virgo is expert at noting what is wrong, what needs fixing.

So let’s see… we’ve got: cleaning, refining, fixing. Got to ask again: where’s your Virgo House. All this change and changeable and active energy will be RUNNING THROUGH THERE, possibly primly and properly and wondering if you should be running at all.

Start filling up your toolbox now: what do you need to clean your house, your body, and…  anything else?

Now now now I’m not suggesting you go all Taurus and scoop up everything in the shop — just that the more tools you have, the more precise (Virgo) you’ll be able to be and Mars in Virgo will give you the energy for this, the energy for VIRGO PERFECTION ahhhhhhhhhh.

Are you a Virgo? How do you feel about not being perfect? 

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