CLASS IN SESSION: What’s New This April In MoonPlutoLand

What I want to do is take you through the month thus I’m creating a new space FOR THE MONTH OF APRIL only.

It’s not as formal as a class but more formal than the “chat rooms.”

Individual charts will be posted. Individual charts will be discussed. We will be discussing the Cardinal Grand Cross, the Eclipses, the energy of Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto.

And we will also be discussing a topic that is near and dear to my heart: strategies for survival. How to get up when you keep falling down. Whether your chart is getting “hit” or not by the April storms, there will be moments of stress. Perhaps moments of depress. And grace. And levity. So let’s go through it together. Share, purge, discuss, feel, strategize, analyze, live. HOW BEST TO USE (and not abuse) THIS ENERGY.

Bring whatever you got. Tired, weary, happy, in despair, acting out 😉 I tend to attract wise and interesting and comforting souls. And then I share them with each other. Win-win.

So, yeah, there will be astrology but this will also be a place to check-in however often you want. The “class” is drop-in, you visit when you want, when you can SHELTER FROM THE SPRINGTIME STORMS and yes we will be holding court all month long.

And for the first time I am doing a sliding-scale fee and I was telling someone $75 – $100 is the cost and then I realized HEY I don’t need to put a top-end on it 🙂 But $75 is the minimum.

Email me if you have questions. PayPal me if you want to join. We begin April 1st!

Love, MP

And yes we are in the final stretch of the MARCH SPECIAL. 45 minute readings by Instant Message for $50. Regular hour-long readings (phone or email or IM) are $100.