CLASS IN SESSION (the first November Meeting Place begins next week)

"venus trine uranus"I tend to take for granted what I do – what I teach, how I teach – so on Facebook just now was trying to explain a bit more… 

****Details about the Astrology class****

The upcoming Astrology‬ class (beginning next Monday) is pretty simple in terms of… format and goal.

Simple meaning: No big theme other than THIS IS YOUR LIFE 🙂

There are a handful of upcoming transits that I want to explore and go DEEP with — with YOU.

And we’ll address these in general, at first.
We’ll go back to basics sometimes.

(A gal also asked if I can help folks identify the major aspects – YES I will do this.) 

And then we look at these transits in YOUR natal charts. And we discuss. How might these energies affect you????

Of course I draw cards as well for each transit because I am ‪Tarot‬ obsessed!

And what I would also like to do is — create a ritual, for us to create a ritual together for EACH of these transits that we discuss. Using the magical techniques and ideas that I love so very much…
So you’ll be learning astrology and tarot and magick 🙂 from a real witch 🙂 which means *this is how I live* – it’s not seasonal or occasional. You want High Priestess? You got her.
All my classes take place in SECRET groups on Facebook and you learn/participate as you go. People are busy, have different schedules, live in different time zones so this works best for all.
I want to start the ASTROLOGY class a week from today.

$95 via PayPal
Three – Four weeks (I like to leave it open a little in terms of end date so we do not feel rushed)
Participate as much as you want, as little as you want.

I want to discuss THESE for sure:

Neptune, Chiron, Uranus going direct
Saturn squaring Neptune
Jupiter squaring Saturn
Saturn trine Uranus (!)
Mars retrograde!
and The Nodes shifting to Virgo/Pisces

I have not yet announced details about the Writing Workshop. Still plotting and scheming but mid month we’ll begin…