Class Begins THIS WEEKEND: The Last Uranus Pluto Square WHAT NOW?

byeI’ll be back later today to talk about THE STARS this week and next

First: the BUSINESS.

If you are unfamiliar with how my classes work, please email me at and I’ll explain it to you, more details, the cost, etc.

Class begins THIS WEEKEND. It likely will run 3-4 weeks.

It is an Astrology class yes! Focusing on current and upcoming INTENSE transits. We look at individual charts. I pull Tarot cards for all. The course is learn/participate at your own pace in a private Facebook group. I prefer small groups, between 7 and 12 is ideal.

What’s special 🙂 this time around is the magick.

This is what I just posted on Facebook:

The March Class (beginning this weekend) will also include SPELLS OF THE DAY
My own creations or creative adaptations… to help you GET THROUGH the wild transits that are here and on the way…
Magick for the Uranus Pluto square
Magick for Eclipse Season
Magick for Saturn going retrograde!!
AND THE NODES shifting to Virgo/Pisces (in November)
I am excited about adding this stuff in 🙂
You know what a ritual is? A ritual is taking an INTENTION and adding something PHYSICAL to it.
Intention and emotion is all you need BUT actually DOING SOMETHING can be so helpful:
-to beautify your intention
-to intensify your intention
Rituals are prayers…. Prayers + ACTION.
Yes yes please message me for the class cost and other details or scroll down on my page for the info.

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