Christmas Day: Jupiter Stations Direct

"jupiter in the 9th house"
Jupiter stations direct

I do believe (Sagittarius) and I do declare (Sagittarius) that I am going to be travelling in 2012: textbook astrology in that Jupiter (expansion) will be transiting my 9th House of long distance travel. Now, it’s not always so literal, but sometimes it is. I have natal Saturn in my 9th. I don’t travel.m

Late December is a pretty interesting time, to name just two reasons at the moment: the New Moon in Capricorn on Christmas Eve, the last New Moon of 2011, and Jupiter direct on Christmas Day.

And at some point during Jupiter’s transit through my 9th, he’ll conjunct my natal Saturn of course, expanding how I limit my 9th House self in 9th House style.

Thus, travel! Or foreigners could expand my thinking! No plans to go back to school, but I could be learning something new. Or teaching something new.

And about the travel: I don’t know where I’m going to go, and I don’t know why. But it’s Jupiter, people! Some tend to underestimate Jupiter transits — but not me. Opportunity. Prosperity. Luck. Good feeling. Weight gain. Indulgence. Excess.


Now why don’t you take a look at transiting Jupiter in your own chart and see where you will expand? He’s been retrograde for months now and honestly I haven’t felt all retrogradey because of him — but I expect some new and interesting and, yes, expansive movement when Jupiter goes direct.

And you?Ā 

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