Chiron: The Hurt That Keeps On Hurting. Or, Enter The Angels

"chiron in the 8th house"I woke up this morning feeling serious. Typical morning 😉 but underneath that layer, I smile.

What are your layers? What’s your topmost layer? And yes you can think of it as layer cake or the earth’s layers or maybe you are a shell, a spiral. Maybe a grid 🙂 The one thing I know for sure is that you’re an intricate and interesting being. There are memories and desires and mistakes.

And I’m wondering where Chiron fits in to your story. How much an influence you think he has on you. We are feeling an increased Chiron affect these days because he only recently went direct and is enjoying (ha!) support from transiting planets in Scorpio and Capricorn.

This is my Chiron “advice” for Saturday 🙂 wherever you have Chiron in your natal chart (and according to your transits), you need to live in that house, unpleasant as it is when you spend too much time there, uncomfortable as it is. Do it anyway. It’s like a treasure hunt where you have to offer up all the riches you find but those riches are badly needed. And since you can’t avoid Chiron and Chiron lessons, don’t even try to avoid them. Take breaks, yes, but then come right back, with your shaky tenderness (as Pema Chodron would say).

Wherever you have Chiron is where you will not only feel rejected but risk rejection, and most likely get rejected. And yet you can help others. That’s the Chiron legacy and irony. That we suffer and alleviate others’ suffering and can’t cure our own, but imagine if we ALL did this… It’s making me think of guardian angels, of the folks who believe we have angels and guides looking out for us. And that you, that all of us, have a Chiron. Not just that vulnerable spot in our chart but someone out there in this vast world, physical or metaphysical, who can save us.

Good Morning from the Big City 🙂



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