Chiron sextile Pluto, November 2013

Chiron went retrograde this morning.

I really wouldn’t seek clarity now. And that’s the light to the dark. You can take the pressure off. It’s okay to muddle and fumble and not know. Give the Universe a chance to solve your so-called problem (paraphrasing Louise Hay).

Chiron goes direct in late November at 9 degrees.

Pluto will be direct by late November and also at 9 degrees (making a sextile to Chiron).

Uranus is at 8 degrees at this time but had slipped from 9 to 8 just days earlier (and is retrograde).

Chiron says “Okay, here’s an idea, a possible solution. Try THIS remedy.” And Pluto says “Okay, let’s do it. But not halfway.” Uranus is still squaring Pluto but tucked away in retrograde motion.

What you do is, once again, find these guys in your chart. Surely you’ve been tracking this. It should be pretty obvious by now what the story is.

But about Chiron sextile Pluto in particular, to quote American quote, W.S. Merwin: “This is a place where a door might be…”

Love, MP


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